I have been directly associated with Lakeland in attending and working with Barry Wolff in his showcase camps for 15 years. This is an ideal exposure camp for players at the junior and college level to get a great opportunity to showcase themselves to numerous opportunities in advancing their hockey careers.You have multiple organizations in attendance from throughout North America who are recruiting for the future and are in attendance throughout the weekend. Barry is there to promote each player with a sincere dedicated goal of connecting the players to the right coaches and programs throughout the junior and college hockey world. The networking that is done between the coaches, scouts, players and parents is formatted to give you the most value for your dollar and it results in great opportunities for the players.


Head Coach and Director of Hockey Operations, Chase Heat, KIJHL Junior B.

If your son is interested in pursuing Junior hockey in BC or throughout Canada, whether it is Junior A or B, this is the one camp to get noticed at. Even if you are not eligible to play outside the province at this time, it is worth exploring for your future seasons when you are eligible to play outside of your home province. (test yourself to see how you compare to players older than you)

I can share with you from our personal family experiences, all exposure is great exposure to finding that next opportunity. My son received several invitations from across the country by just attending and performing at the Lakeland camp.

We have all heard the stories or experienced it firs hand:

Why am I not getting invites?

Why am I not getting call?

Well I can tell you for certain at this Lakeland Showcase camp, coaches and scouts do talk to you right on the spot if they like what they see. And it is strongly encouraged to approach the coaches and scouts to get feedback, this is for you as a player and for your future success. The key to having those conversations is to leave it all out there in the practices and scrimmages. If you do that, you increase your chance of having those conversations and making the Dr.Evil All Star game at the end of the camp. (this is worth playing in)

I spoke with Mr. Barry Wolffie (aka Wolffie), organizer, about this camp and received feedback from past attendees about the quality and exposure players get the Junior leagues in BC and across Canada. Barry is a proven coach in Junior Hockey and has coached the Western All Star Junior A teams and has a great resume to back it all up.

There have been players from the Northstars, Buffs,  Royals and Flames who have attended this camp in the past and have gone on to successful Junior careers. The parents were truly surprised by what was said tobe offered and what was actually offered (yes, they both matched up). We as parents know that there are a lot of programs out there making promises to get you exposure, this camp separates themselves from the rest by actually delivering. And I strongly recommend you attend the NCAA presentation offered with your son to truly see what if takes to get the exposure to education and hockey in the USA. Best information package ever presented in one place.

This information is being shared to maximize your son’s future goals in pursuing hockey at the next level, if that is still a part of their goals.

All of you that know me, know that I do not promote many things and this is one that I truly believe will help players get more exposure and potential opportunities. It is up to the boys to showcase their skills and prove that they deserve to play at the next level. And this is one road trip you will truly enjoy, great bonding time.



I have been at the Lakeland camp for probably 15 years. It is one of the best attended by junior scouts looking to get players. The scouts that do attend these camps are often from outside of BC so it will give your son a chance to be seen by someone who might not have had that opportunity previously.

I know and respect Barry Wolff and feel that if you attend this camp it could be a very positive experience for your son.


General Manager, Kamloops Storm Junior “B” Hockey Club.

Hunter is excited to return to the Lakeland camp this year, he loved the camp last year and so did we,

the camp was so well run and organized !!

Melinda and Hunter Tarves, Goal tender for West Vancouver Hockey Academy CSSHL


General Manager, Kamloops Storm Junior “B” Hockey Club.

This high tempo camp is a great avenue for high caliber players compete with other high caliber players and to show case their talents to scouts, coach’s and general managers in attendance from various leagues and schools from around North America, It is very well organized. And organized and run by Barry Wolff who has top level hockey knowledge.

Lakeland is a must for those players looking to jump to the next level.
I have watched many talented players advance their careers and continue on to the next level, including my own.

Thanks in part to Lakeland Show case camp and Barry Wolff
if you are dedicated to your hockey future then this camp is a must.

Mike Russell

Coach/Scout and parent of a current Junior A player and camp participant